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Welcome to the independent and disruptive views of C. Peter Waegemann. Look for different perspectives on the historic rise of the information society and the economic and cultural aspects of the emerging digital society. These developments affect our understanding of  intelligence and bring a new understanding of life; indeed they confront us with a new philosophy. Accepting that information is a key element of life gives us a new perspective on culture, life, and economy. For instance, our behavior may just be the result of inherited or learned algorithms.

On the Healthcare Informatics page, my “out-of-mainstream” opinions on healthcare information technology are presented, describing the failure of the vision of electronic health records. The vision of the future of healthcare and how first steps toward  them can be implemented today reflects my 30+ years of health informatics leadership.


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Knowledge Capital in the Digital Society 

My latest book, Knowledge Capital in the Digital Society, analyzes the importance of information and describes the developments on the road to today’s and tomorrow’s intelligence.  “The smart kid of the past was good in memorizing, the smart kid of the future is good at navigating information systems.” Check out the book on Amazon.



I am available for interviews and article assignments regarding the internet and the digital society.


I offer thought-provoking independent analysis and visionary views on healthcare and the digital society. Look at the Healthcare Informatics and the Digital Society pages for a selection of presentations and articles.

Examples of Presentations:

The Biggest Change in Human History:  An Analysis of how our Current Society Developed and What the Future Looks Like

 Mind vs. Artificial Intelligence – A Critical Analysis

How Education is Changing

Humans vs. Thinking and Deciding Machines

The Future of Healthcare Informatics - Keynote, Baltimore, 2014

What Can Be Learned from Implementing EHRs?

Healthcare Analytics: Knowledge and Marketing for Providers


Take advantage of the wealth of my experience in management, marketing, employee motivation, digital society research, and healthcare informatics.