The Digital Revolution

Arguably the Biggest Change to Humankind

Some fight the current changes to our lives, economy and culture, others describe amazing changes, but I am interested in the deeper issues:

  • The overwhelming role of information
  • Knowledge acquisition and processing: new learning of concepts rather than memorizing data, distinction of correct vs. false information according to belief systems
  • The new role of information as economic and personal enabler and even weapon
  • The relationship of the mind to an evolving system that consists of artificial intelligence, devices and systems with digital shadows

My Book Challenges Our Understanding of Intelligence, Human Development, and Emotional Motivators

Information must be recognized as a key element of life.Viewing the world through the lens of information development provides new insights.

The smart kid of the past was good in memorizing. The smart kid of the future is good at navigating the Internet and context understanding. What does that mean for our future and education?

Knowledge Capital’s importance:  You are what you know. Your knowledge is your capital.


Neuroscientists are studying the hardware of our brain. But what about the software?  Read about the three universal groups of motivators.

In the future, there will be three classes of people:  service people with little knowledge, semi-knowledge workers (the majority of today’s people), and knowledge workers.

The old quest for freedom takes the role of freedom of information access, namely transparency. Transparency is the value indicator of future democratic societies.

And there is much more…

Contact me for my insights on related topics, including

  • How corporations should manage their knowledge capital
  • How individuals should understand their knowledge assets
  • What makes people tick? (Challenges among motivators)
  • Understanding the changes in our economy
  • Knowing the brain’s weaknesses and preparing for AI
  • Data knowledge versus creativity
  • Political and philosophical impact of the Digital Society
  • How outsourcing of memory advanced human  societies
  • What roles do belief systems have in our decision making?

How is Education Changing?

In presentations to colleges and school systems, I have influenced educational managers.